AFSData Research & Analytics Consultancy (ARAC) provides a wide range of consultant services focusing on mission critical needs of our clients in the areas of data analysis, investigations, and risk analysis as well as multimedia and information technology. Our departments and subdivisions run as separate entities operating under ARA International's management and guidance providing cross-platform solutions for our clients needs.

As ambassadors for the Institute of Economics and Peace (IEP) we formed strategic partnerships peacebuilding and humanitarian organizations to provide technical support and consultancy services to government, NGO, law enforcement, private sector entities in the areas of  conflict analysis, human rights, and global security analysis.

The overlapping areas of skills and expertise of our analysts allows us to think outside of the box to achieve results.

OSINT Data Research and visualization analysis

Non-Profit Research and Consultancy Foundation

Information Technology and Media Services

Linguistics & Content Analysis

Partnership with IOSI Global

ARAC International in partnership with IOSI  created The Institute for Global Security Research and Analysis for international security and public safety awareness.